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38 million people in the U.S go hungry including 12 million children. Our Mission is fighting hunger in the U.S providing those without the financial resources nourishing foods such as fruits and vegetables. We'll be collecting produce from farmers, organic markets and through donations but our main focus is to cultivate.

Cultivating inside warehouses near the impacted urban areas. These locations will give easier access to the fresh produce. To maximize the use of space in these building locations we will grow crops in stacked layers (vertical farming). This method of farming uses artificial growing systems. Cultivating indoors has many benefits than the traditional way. To name a few benefits, growing indoors allows us to control the environment, grow regional and seasonal crops all year round versus trying to battle seasonal changes and extreme weather. Vertical Farming uses less land but it is costly because it gives up access to the sun which is the number 1 source of lighting, 'free energy'.

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    How many people go hungry?

    820 million people

    How many people go hungry in the U.S?

    More than 38 million people, including 12 million children.

    Where do we grow our food?

    We grow our produce in warehouses; vertical farming.

    Where do we collect foods from?

    We collect produce mainly from organic markets and through donations.

    What causes hunger?


    Unmaintained Infrastructure



    Food Shortages and Wastage

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